Recipe: Yummy Yera Briyani /Prawn Briyani classic

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Yera Briyani /Prawn Briyani classic. I really enjoyed making prawn Briyani. I had mango milkshake and dessert with it. I really enjoyed making prawn Briyani.

Yera Briyani /Prawn Briyani classic I really enjoyed making prawn Briyani. I had mango milkshake and dessert with it. Before we get to Yera Briyani /Prawn Briyani classic recipes, read the object less than about recommendations for a organic life Simple steps to begin a natural lifestyle. You can cook Yera Briyani /Prawn Briyani classic using 0 ingredients and 0 steps. Here is how you achieve that.

Ingredients of Yera Briyani /Prawn Briyani classic

Many people don't surely understand a way to keep themselves healthy, both bodily and mentally. Despite the fact that dwelling a natural and organic and blissful life is the. Lets marinate the prawns first for making Prawn Biryani. Clean and devein the prawns and add it to a bowl.

Yera Briyani /Prawn Briyani classic step by step

Add in the turmeric powder, red chilli powder, salt and vinegar. I have used plain vinegar for making prawn biryani recipe today. Apple cider vinegar also works well for prawn biryani. Add half of the cooked rice to the pan, then add the prawn mixture on top in an even layer, follow with the rest of the rice in an even layer. Biryani is a delicious dish made from layering rice with a mixture of yogurt and spice marinated meat, chicken or prawns.

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