Recipe: Appetizing Afghani biryani

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Afghani biryani. Next, add cardamomom seeds, cloves, cinnamon stick, cumin seeds, salt and pepper powder. Add the tomato puree to the half-done chicken and mix. Afghani biryani is one exclusive biryani dish with spicy and dry fruits incorporated perfectly with rice and meat.

Afghani biryani Biryan traces its origins to the same source as biryani, and is today sold in Afghanistan as well as in Bhopal, India. Afghani biryani is an exclusive biryani which feels mild and creamy in mouth. Every grain of basmati rice that goes into your mouth, makes you feel heaven on Earth. You can cook Afghani biryani using 0 ingredients and 0 steps. Here is how you cook it.

Ingredients of Afghani biryani

Rich and flavourful spice blend from Afghan marinates the succulent chicken cubes cooked over charcoal makes it a Perfect Afghani Chicken Biryani. Afghani biryani, also known as Qabuli pulao, is a tasty rice dish from Afghanistan. It is made of spices, rice and meat. The name 'biryani' is derived from the Persian word 'beriya (n)' meaning fried or roasted.

Afghani biryani step by step

Biryani originated in Iran (Persia) and was brought to the Indian subcontinent by merchants and travelers. You can also taste Afghani dumplings here. Here's where you can eat this delicacy in India Afghani Biryani. Paneer Biryani -Restaurant Style -Indian Main Course. Mutton BIRIYANI-Lamb BIRIYANI – Easy Meat Recipe.

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