How to Prepare Perfect Bombay Biryani 😊

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Bombay Biryani 😊. Bombay biryani is a variety of Indian biryani, consisting of layers of flavored basmati rice, potatoes, chunks of chicken, mutton, lamb or vegetables, alongside some fried onions, mint leaves, and dried plums. Rice is boiled with a variety of spices, the meat and potatoes are fried, and everything is layered in a pot. You can use any good quality of basmati rice.

Bombay Biryani 😊 For Gravy: In pot,add ghee,let it melt,add chicken and cook until color changes. Add ginger garlic paste and sauté little. Add biryani masala and yogurt,mix well until oil separates,add water and bring it to boil. You can cook Bombay Biryani 😊 using 0 ingredients and 0 steps. Here is how you cook it.

Ingredients of Bombay Biryani 😊

Cover and cook until ½ cup gravy remains. For Layering: Add meat, garlic paste, ginger paste, yogurt, potatoes and Shan Special Bombay Biryani Mix. Cover and cook on low heat until meat is tender. Then increase heat and stir fry until oil separates from gravy.

Bombay Biryani 😊 step by step

See recipes for Bombay Biryani 😊 too. Biryani is a quick and wholesome meal, which came to India from Iran and has stayed in its cuisine since then! At BB Biryani we believe that Biryani, filled with Fascinating Flavors and Mouth-watering Aroma is a Wholesome Meal that satisfies Healthy and Tasty Criteria, all too well! We make sure that our customers get to Experience the Royalty. Chicken was very tender and full of taste & flavors.

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