Recipe: Appetizing Kolkata style Chicken Briyani

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Kolkata style Chicken Briyani. But this Biriyani is quite distinct in taste, and immensely popular among people in Kolkata. To be more precise, any Calcuttans living outside Kolkata, their visits back to the city remain incomplete without visiting Arsalan, Zeeshan, Nizam, Shiraz or Amenia restaurants. Partially cook the rice along with black cardamom and bay leaves.

Kolkata style Chicken Briyani Cut the onions and fry them in lot of oil. Once the onions start turning brownish, add the marinated chicken. Add half a cup of water, cover the pan and leave the chicken to simmer, while stirring it from time to time. You can have Kolkata style Chicken Briyani using 0 ingredients and 0 steps. Here is how you cook that.

Ingredients of Kolkata style Chicken Briyani

Keep the gas in low flame. Kolkata style chicken biryani or mutton biryani is very similar to Lucknow style biryani or Awadhi Biryani. It follows the pakki style of preparing a biryani. In pakki style of cooking biryani, a qorma is prepared with the meat.

Kolkata style Chicken Briyani instructions

And then both are layered and cooked in dum. Except for one thing – the potato! In a large pot, add the cooked chicken, potatoes and prepared yakni, fried onion. Add the boiled rice and layered it evenly. Layer it with fried onion, sprinkle some biryani masala.

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