How to Cook Appetizing Qeema biryani

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Qeema biryani. Made with minced meat instead of meat chunks, it has the same unbeatable taste and flavor in every forkful of rice! Do try this naan bread stuffed with ground lamb too if you like meals made with keema as the main ingredient. Like biryani, this is a complete meal in itself.

Qeema biryani Keema Biryani (Keema Pulao) This one-pot dish of spiced beef and rice is both a weeknight favorite at our house and a dish we serve when we have company. It's flavorful and really quick to make. Restaurant style keema biryani is bulletproof Not all restaurants are equal. You can have Qeema biryani using 0 ingredients and 0 steps. Here is how you cook it.

Ingredients of Qeema biryani

There's a distinction to be made. This is about what goes on in better Indian restaurants. Not what they serve at bad takeaways. The takeaway version is just like regular keema and rice.

Qeema biryani step by step

Maybe some sort of vegetable curry on the side. Heat a ghee/oil in the frying pan and add finely chopped ginger – garlic and satue till fragrant. Now add the mutton mince/kheema to the frying pan. Add turmeric powder, red chilli powders and salt to taste; mix well. Keema Biryani Recipe Pakistani is a kind of new variation of scrumptious biryani.

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