Recipe: Delicious Prawn Biryani

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Prawn Biryani. Marinate and rub them gently for a while with the marinade. Prawns biryani is a flavourful made using prawns or jingga and basmati rice. Prawns is marinated with spices and caramelized onions which adds a lovely flavour to the prawns.

Prawn Biryani Whole spices enhance the flavor & aroma of prawn biryani. If you do not have all the whole spices, mentioned in the recipe card, then don't worry. To make the biryani gravy and assemble: Add the vegetable oil to a large skillet or pot and heat on medium high heat. You can cook Prawn Biryani using 0 ingredients and 0 steps. Here is how you cook it.

Ingredients of Prawn Biryani

Prawn biryani aka shrimp biryani is popular as jheenga or jhinga biryani in India. Spicy shrimp masala layered with crisp fried onions and fragrant basmati rice, slow cooked to perfection, divine! The taste of this prawn biryani will linger on your taste buds so much so that it will straight away enter in your weekly menu list. Now, add peas to the same bowl and sprinkle some salt.

Prawn Biryani instructions

Serve it with some raita and enjoy with. Lets marinate the prawns first for making Prawn Biryani. Clean and devein the prawns and add it to a bowl. Add in the turmeric powder, red chilli powder, salt and vinegar. I have used plain vinegar for making prawn biryani recipe today.

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